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Our company, which specializes in digitalization, provides you with the solutions you need in the digitalization process and accelerates your digital transformation process, enabling you to transition to a more efficient business structure.

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Going global from the business world is not an easy journey for companies that decide to grow and cross borders. Many businesses entering foreign markets face hurdles that force changes in their day-to-day business operations and add additional costs.

We are happy to announce that JLPRODSYS PLATFORM, the new meeting point for global entrepreneurs, is now live. On this platform, you will have the chance to take your business to the next level, merge with new markets, create new networks and enrich your personal development. The site supports a total of eleven languages at its current stage, eliminating potential language barriers for your global networking needs. Join our platform to meet others from all over the world quite seamlessly. Platform languages are Turkish, English, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Thus, you can reach the markets you target abroad without being caught by the language barrier.

Next Generation Learning Portal

We have developed a new generation training portal for self-employed trainers, consultants and institutions in need of training. Thanks to this portal, you can organize your courses, give online lessons and get paid. Portal members can give lectures and receive payments over the internet, regardless of location.

If you want to sell your courses or consultancy services online, give lectures, take exams, give online sessions and give certificates, You can take your place on our portal with our advantageous launch prices.

Web Development Services

Web development services are services that cover the entire process from designing, coding, testing and publishing websites.

The purpose of these services is to help businesses best represent their online presence, support their digital marketing strategy and better serve their customers.

You can get information about your current infrastructure and take your business to a different level with our solutions that suit you.

Micro and Small businesses

In order to meet the digital needs of micro and small businesses that do not have sufficient internal resources, we analyze the digital needs of businesses, provide the necessary technological infrastructure and offer tailor-made solutions to businesses.

Online store

We provide the solutions that online store owners need and help manage online stores successfully.

For example, services such as the creation of a specially designed website for online store owners, integration with e-commerce platforms, online payment systems, digital marketing, social media management are offered.


Blog sites are a type of website that many people may need.

Blog sites can be used for personal, commercial or educational purposes and can be useful in many ways.

We offer special solutions according to different needs.


Portfolio sites can be used to showcase the work of a person or organization, attract potential customers, attract employers, and build a personal brand.

We offer special solutions according to different needs.

We are the Experts of Entering the Digital World

JL Management and Industrial Systems Industry Trade Limited Company, based in Istanbul, provides international consultancy and engineering services.

At the same time, it is a business intelligence company that supplies cloud platforms and performance systems to newly established companies that aim to grow, that want to strengthen their production, quality, management and cost structure, that have process problems at different maturity levels, and that want to switch to mentoring, lean consultancy and digital processes.

We provide the necessary digital infrastructure and expert support for our customers to reach the locations they dream of.

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