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EggShell.System Solutions

help your company from Ideation till product in market.

Offers platform solutions integrated with web and mobile applications to manage ideation management, innovation projects, and continuous improvement projects. Start-up companies and SME s can use the same platform to assure their progress to reach their target. It also offers and development solutions for SMEs, start-up companies, scale-up companies, and customized solutions.

Open Innovation Platforms |  Project Management | Acceleration Programs | Global Mentorship Programs


Open Innovation

Our innovation platform is the right place for enterprises and startups to provide ideas to turn into new brands, products, and campaigns. It helps to reach the right people to collaborate.


Ideation management and its seamless integration to project management to implement those ideas in an enterprise are easy and efficient.

New Product Introduction

The development cycle for the New Product Introduction, an idea from an initial working prototype to a thoroughly refined and reproducible final product, runs under our platform. Our platform help to reduce development costs, accelerate time to market, and qualify the product.

Virtual Workshops

Transfer on-class workshops to virtual ones independent from a place. It provides enterprises virtual- workshops that are well-structured to help encourage and create an environment for collaboration to get the result solutions to problems or challenges, including seamless integration to project management solutions without any loss.

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